Dream Painting F3

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The following paintings are exact reproductions of a series of paintings conceived and produced during the rapid-eye movement dream state of the artist. Psychoanalysts believe dreams are the manifestations of our deepest desires and fears. They are the direct expression of imagination and utilize the most efficient language of symbolism and visual arts. These primordial images belong to the collective unconscious, and act as a psychic stratum influenced by inherited presuppositions and the freedom of consciousness in its highest degree, since it is continuously redirecting all conscious processes back to preceding pathways.

Yip's work explores the Gestalt and spirit of art vicariously through his dreams, acting as portals into the collective unconscious and the spiritual world. It is the intersection between the physical and spiritual world, known and unknown​ and an examination of identity, vexillology, and yin and yang duality.

In Gestalt therapy, psychiatrist Fritz Perls describes dreams as projections of repressed, suppressed or oppressed fragments of our identity. Perls went so far as to say even inanimate objects in the dream may represent aspects of the individual. Through free association, the dreamer would be asked to personify an object during the dream describing its characteristics, thereby integrating the disaffected aspects of their psyche.

These colour field paintings incorporate compositions reminiscent of the United States flag. The colour red often corresponds with the highest rank because it has the highest frequency of the visible spectrum of colours. It is a colour often associated with kings, cardinals, and military leaders since it has integrated all of the human experiences necessary as it has ascended through the other ranks. As such, it is a colour of military, judicial, and administrative authority or power. Blue—by contrast—sits at the bottom of the visible spectrum. It is the colour of water and the sky in which flags are hoisted and therefore symbolizes more of the essence than the substance in which it inhabits, such as in spirituality or transcendence.

This yin and yang parallax as depicted by the various two-tone colour schemes are a reflection of this intersection between the physical and spiritual world. The upward stacking of the horizontal stripes signifies spiritual ascension towards our higher consciousness, and the stars symbolize source energy, pentacles, and wealth. The deconstructed high fashion consumer packages are indicative of our need to look beyond the surface and more introspectively at our core values.

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About the artist
About the artist

Kyle Yip

Kyle Yip

Kyle Yip is a JUNO Award Nominated hypersurrealist artist internationally recognized for his exact reproductions of visual art, electronic music, and film conceived from his dreams. Since a 2006 Arts York Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition at Group of Seven artist Frederick Varley’s residence in York, ... View full profile

Toronto, ON
Partial artist since 2019

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