Dream Painting A14

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An exact reproduction from a series of paintings conceived and produced throughout recurring rapid-eye movement dreams of the artist. Psychoanalysts believe dreams are the manifestations of our deepest desires and fears. They are the direct expression of imagination and utilize the most efficient language of symbolism and visual arts. These primordial images belong to the collective unconscious, and act as a psychic stratum influenced by inherited presuppositions and the freedom of consciousness in its highest degree, since it is continuously redirecting all conscious processes back to preceding pathways.

Colours are conveyed more at a visceral intelligence than the mind, since they are directed to the eyes and body as a visual language. Religions have devoted their entire practice to the study of spirituality for centuries. The Vedaฬ„nta scriptures in particular describe a dream as one of three states the spirit experiences during its lifetime, the other two being the waking and sleep state. It is said in the Vedaฬ„ that the sun emerges every morning riding its golden chariot pulled by seven horsesโ€”"ashva," meaning horse as well as the ray in Sanskrit. So the golden chariot refers to the seven rays of the sun where the seventh represents white light, and the six others comprise the colours of the rainbow.

Rainbows are optical illusions caused by the refraction and dispersion of light in airborne water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light in the sky. These paintings are reproduced involving the same techniques in the dreams using a device which deploys ionized particles of paint droplets through the air onto the surface. To dream of a rainbow symbolizes a bridge betwixt and between the Heavens and Earth, spiritual initiation, and connecting with our higher-consciousness. It is an omen of optimism, hope, and prosperity, and relates specifically to the overall art practice. Variations of these Dream Paintings include compositions similar to the Rainbow and United States flag, where horizontal stripes represent pride, spiritual ascension and transcendence through the seven-odd chakras or auric fields.

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About the artist
About the artist

Kyle Yip is a Canadian hypersurrealist artist internationally recognized for his exact reproductions of visual art, electronic music, and films from his dreams, including his JUNO Award Nominated debut album The Midas Touch for the best Electronic Album of the Year in 2016. Since a 2006 Arts York Vi, ... View full profile

Toronto, ON
Partial artist since 2019

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