Dream Painting E╱2

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An exact reproduction from a series of paintings conceived and produced during recurring rapid eye movement dreams of the artist. Psychoanalysts believe dreams are the manifestations of our deepest desires and fears. They are the direct expression of imagination and utilize the most efficient language of symbolism and mythological archetypes.

Our minds work in duality to create three dimensional space, stereo sound and language we can comprehend. Our external and internal perspectives are diametrically opposing sides of the same coin. They are inextricably linked and cannot be separated. Our perception of reality is consequently divided​—​thesis, antithesis; space, negative space; matter, antimatter.

The nature of consciousness is not only complicated to convey but fundamentally incompatible with dualistic languages, adding the onus of trying to understand it using only logic. Language was articulated to work exclusively through symbols, dividing nature into parts and actions. The word ​water is not literally water, and the word ​it means nothing in the phrase, ​it is raining​. We must beware when impulsively dismissing ways of cognizing the universe as a whole simply because it seems incompatible with limitations and ambiguities of customary language. The challenge is to transcend our compulsive thinking patterns to comprehend the universe in a way that is unified and more encompassing than what we are accustomed to. Absolutely everything in the physical realm that comes into existence will eventually decease, yet consciousness may exist outside reality altogether.

48" x 48" x 1.75"

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About the artist
About the artist

Kyle Yip is a Canadian, JUNO Award-Nominated hypersurrealist artist internationally recognized for his highly coterminous creations of visual art, electronic music, and films originally perceived during his dreams. Since a 2006 Arts York Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition at Frederick Varley’s reside, ... View full profile

Toronto, ON
Partial artist since 2019

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