Dream Wall Sculpture TMNT1

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A highly coterminous creation of a wall sculpture from an ongoing series originally envisioned during recurring REM dreams of the artist. No matter how radical, most painting operates with "the conception of the picture as representing a world, some sort of worldspace which reads on the picture plane in correspondence with the erect human posture." Furthermore, "a picture that harks back to the natural world evokes a sense of data which are experienced in the normal erect posture. Therefore the Renaissance picture plane affirms verticality as its essential condition." Eyesight itself works through projection. So "the first mark made on a canvas destroys its literal and utter flatness," meaning that absolute flatness is never ascertainable for a field that opens itself to vision. What is ascertainable is a special spaciality which, like flatness, denies the viewer imaginary entry as though they were able to hypothetically walk throughout the depicted space. This sense of space or "optical illusion" is unique to visuality, and substitutes something that "can be traveled through, literally or figuratively, only with the eye." The stage-like depth in illusionist painting history for example originates from the theater. This logic began to reveal the extent to which one characteristic absolutely unique to painting was the flatness of the picture plane itself. "Because flatness was the only condition painting shared with no other art, modernist painting oriented itself to flatness as did nothing else."

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About the artist
About the artist

Kyle Yip is a Canadian, JUNO Award-Nominated hypersurrealist artist internationally recognized for his highly coterminous creations of visual art, electronic music, and films originally perceived during his dreams. Since a 2006 Arts York Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition at Frederick Varley’s reside, ... View full profile

Toronto, ON
Partial artist since 2019

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